[Trans] Junsu’s lines in Scent of Woman Ep.5

-Fanmeeting Scene-

Junsu:Everyone, are you having a good time?
Then now, I’ll be announcing the person who’ll be having dinner with me today.
A lot of you applied with a story..however, I picked one myself.
Which is, right this.
The person who’ll be having dinner with me today…is a couple.
Chae Hyunsuk-ssi? Where is Chae Hyunsuk-ssi? Did Chae Hyunsuk-ssi not come?
Ah, there he is. From now, I’ll read Chae Hyunsuk-ssi’s story.
I first met her when I was 9 years old. Since then, I’ve had a secret crush on her for 25 years.
But I never met her. However, not long ago, she came to the hospital I’m working.
She’s ill. My ‘her’ is Junsu-ssi’s big fan. Junsu-ssi, can you please have dinner together for her?
The woman next to you is Chae Hyunsuk-ssi’s ‘her’, right?

(fans chanting: stand up! stand up!)

Junsu:So you’re a doctor?
Chae Hyunsuk: Yes
Junsu: You met your first love at the hospital in 25 years.
You said she’s ill before.. what illness? I hope it’s nothing serious..
Chae Hyunsuk: A doctor shouldn’t tell the patient’s condition rashly.
Junsu: Wow, he’s so wonderful, isn’t he?
(fans chanting: Yes!!)
Junsu: OK, as soon as this fanmeeting is over, I’ll have dinner with those two. Everyone, don’t be too upset, alright?
(fans chanting: Yes!!)
Chae Hyunsuk: Excuse me, I’m sorry but.. leave me out. I think she’d like to have dinner with you only.
Junsu: Will that be ok?
Chae Hyunsuk: I’ll back down for a day.
Junsu: Wow, he’s really great! Right?
(fans chanting: Yess!!)

-Dinner scene-

Junsu: Is the food not your taste?
Yeonjae: No..I’m just so happy…
Junsu: Why do you like me so much? My sculptured appearance? Or my gentle voice? If not even that..my butt that hangs so high up?
Yeonjae: Hmm..I love it all..but I think you look the best when you’re singing..
Junsu: Can I have your cellphone for a moment?
Yeonjae: Huh?
Junsu: Just for a moment.


translated by @alles2012


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