[Trans] Kim Sunah’s Me2 about Junsu

Yeonjae and Yeonjae’s★Junsu-ssi♥I was…frozen infront of him. I always wished if only I could see him just once before I die..My dream came true! Is this Yeonjae’s dream?…Tonight! Check it out at 9:50!! ( ^ 0 ^ ☆♪


Actress Kim Sunah not Yeonjae&Special Cameo★ Kim Junsu-nim’s behind cut! I saw Junsu-nim’s awesome performance through Younjae! Not only me but~ our whole Scent of Woman team became Junsu-nim’s big fan! Thank you so much for participating in our filming until night time. Be healthy in the future too(>_<)                                                        Hwaiting♪ 지J와Y자J~ ^ 0 ^☆♪ㅋ

(지와자-Ji Wa Ja-is JYJ’s nickname in Korean)


translated by @alles2012


7 thoughts on “[Trans] Kim Sunah’s Me2 about Junsu

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  2. firstly, i didn’t know there’s a withjunsu site lol i love it ❤
    JYJ = Ji Wa Ja, JYJ's nickname in korean? niceeeeeee 🙂

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