***URGENT*** Fans who RTed or Re-uploaded fanart ‘Scent of Fan’ MUST READ

Dear fans,

Fans who RTed or Re-uploaded ‘Scent of Fan’, please delete it immediately.

Whenever modifying a fanart, it is essential to get a permission from the original fanarter first. I am very well-aware of this rule. However, I made a mistake in the process.

The origianl fanarter requested to delete the fanart, and she doesn’t want it to spread anymore. I am terribly sorry to all the fans and especially to the original fanarter.

Please in the respect of the original fanarter, stop spreading it and delete your tweet or posting if you RTed or re-uploaded.

Whatever my intention was in the first place, I know I have nothing to say. This is clearly my mistake. I am sorry for bothering and disappointing all fans.



4 thoughts on “***URGENT*** Fans who RTed or Re-uploaded fanart ‘Scent of Fan’ MUST READ

  1. honestly, I don’t understand why the fanarter doesn’t want it to spread.
    since it’s hilarious and not harmful, I don’t think it’s your mistake anyway.
    so nice of you to apologized and correct your mistake (when I think it isn’t yours)
    but at the end I do respect the fanarter decision too. (though I still don’t get it.)
    thanks to you and her I got a little laugh.
    thanks Monica, I really like you. ♥
    just an fyi I didn't saved or RTed or spreaded that fanart anyway.

    • Thank you for understanding. I translated it so the ifans could share the laughter, but even if my intention was not a harmful thing, I should’ve respected the fanarter. Well mistake is a mistake.

      Really, thank you for kind words..

  2. Don’t blame yourself like that, if it wasn’t you, we, i-fans who don’t speak korean, wouldn’t understand at all what that fanart says. thank you so much for your kindness to translate it and share it with us! (anyway, i respect the fanarter too)

  3. i else think this is not your mistake..You take your time to translate and shared i really apreciate you work ..^^ so is not your mistake..the fanart it was really fun ..thanks for want to share it to the ifans ^^ you are the best .

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