9 thoughts on “[Fan acct] 110701 Xiahzart day performance (superlong)

  1. it’s long, but i really enjoyed reading it 🙂 (call me weird, but i LOVE reading reviews, like a maniac lol)

    man, to have your audience get this feeling after watching you, isn’t it a performer’s biggest achievement? at least, i believe so. imo, it means that he’s succeeded. he’s an artist, and people see him as one…
    i didn’t know anything about plays/musicals before, but junsu has definitely opened my eyes.
    now, i think i know why they say a musical stage is magical 🙂

    lol @ the one line summary xD yea, thanks A LOT kim junsu 😛

  2. feel so nice to reading a loooong story about junsu, don’t mind a little bit.
    thanks for your hard work.
    will keep stalking this blog. >.< and wait for another (junsu's) translations.

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