[Trans] JYJ, aiming for 4 OST strikes in a row..’new OST lord’

JYJ, aiming for 4 OST strikes in a row..’new OST lord’

Group JYJ is aiming for 4 OST daebaks in a row.

Following the OST of ‘Scent of Woman part 2’ that Kim Junsu participated, the OST ‘I’ll protect you’ by Kim Jaejoong, who is currently appearing in ‘Protect the Boss’ as Cha Muwon, is going to be revealed in the 3rd episode on the 10th.

On the 5th, as soon as Kim Junsu’s ‘You are so beautiful’ was released on various music sites, it recieved big attention.

Before that, last June, Park Yoochun sang ‘Miss Ripley”s tema song ‘Place left out for you’, sweeping the first place in every realtime music charts, and won as much popularity as the drama.

Also, the OST of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’-which presented Park Yoochun with a Rookie of the Year award-gained unusual sales for a drama OST, prooving their popularity.

It is predicted that JYJ’s OST power is going to continue for a while, as Kim Jaejoong is also releasing a drama OST. Kim Jaejoong, who’s talent was recognized through writing JYJ’s songs and participating in the worldtour as the director, is planning to win women’s heart by singing ‘I’ll protect you’, which is going to be responsible for the drama’s romantic mellow story and which he wrote the lyrics.

The general opinion is that JYJ’s rich emotions and appealing vocal talents help to bring in the viewers into the drama, and gains even more power because they do not only sing the OST, but also appear in the drama. Also, JYJ’s OST has an explosive power, as it is like a present to their fans when JYJ is banned from appearing in music shows.

original source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110810n07560

translated by @alles2012


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