[Info] Pre-sale for ‘Scent of Woman’ OST

Yes 24

link: http://www.yes24.com/24/goods/5500628?scode=032&OzSrank=1


link: http://book.interpark.com/product/GoodDisplay.do?_method=detail&sc.shopNo=0000500000&sc.prdNo=208750808&bookblockname=b_sch&booklinkname=


As a bonus track, the vivid live recording of the concert Kim Junsu-who made a speical appearance in episode 5-had will be included in the ‘Scent of Woman’ OST.

Track List

The actual release day is August 24th

Let’s surprise the world once again by recording unusually high sales for an OST!

Translated&Shared by With Junsu


2 thoughts on “[Info] Pre-sale for ‘Scent of Woman’ OST

  1. i wanna buy the cd but..i don’t know how? TT do you think you can come up with like a simple tutorial so i can know which buttons i need to click in order to purchase the ost?plz and thank you!<3

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