To Readers of With Junsu

Dear all readers of With Junsu

I opened this blog for all international JYJ and Junsu fans to share my translations and infos about Junsu more easily. I’ve been working for about 2 years as @alles2012 on Twitter, and made this blog a few months ago. However, for my personal reasons, I quitted translating and decided to focus on my studies till next year. I’m very sorry to let you know that I won’t be running this blog till then.

I originally planned to have 4 co-admins to continue running this blog while I’m gone. I thought about it about a week, and concluded that I love this blog too much to just leave it to my friends. Thereofore, With Junsu will be closed for an year.

If I achieve my goal in time, I’ll be back to With Junsu and Twitter as @alles2012 next November. Though I left the fandom for a minute, I will always be supporting JYJ and Junsu quietly. Until then, I wish you a happy fangirling with our boys:)

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “To Readers of With Junsu

  1. good luck

    but truthfully if you love this blog too much, you will let your co admins run this site for awhile until you get back.

    i love this site and always looking forward for junsu’s news with eng trans.
    i hope you change your mind and let your co admins run this site for a bit.

    Thanks for supporting junsu always

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