[Fan Acct] 110619 7pm Mozart! – Unbelievable

What was that?

It feels like someone hit me on the head and whispered
“Excuse me, this is Xiah Junsu”

Right. He’s Xiah Junsu.
That’s what I mean.
I don’t recognize it by just his name or face.
However, when he suddenly makes a leap forward with his whole energy,
everytime he makes a flight that we, who watched him for the last 7 years, didn’t even imagine,
then, we realize he’s Xiah Junsu.

And it’s only the 3rd performance you know.


He changes the structure of ‘Can’t Avoid My Destiny’ as soon as he shows up. Oh my god. This is really, unspeakable. Can’t Avoid My Destiny is a huge, extremely strong song. And is also the theme song of this musical. More alike this song, which means, more larger and representative the song gets, it’s harder for a single actor to shake the song. Because it’s already difficult enough to follow the steps the song has set. We should clap when someone succeeds only following the steps. However, Xiah Junsu shakes the whole song as soon as he makes appearance in musical Mozart! 2011. He’ve been preparing. How did he change it?

I don’t know if you remember I said this part is the most difficult part of ‘Can’t Avoid My Destiny’

“How do I lose my shadow. How do I deny my destiny
How do I deny myself and be someone else.
Who should I ask to, about what I didn’t understand myself.
How do I remove the shadow and win my freedom back”

This part, is a tremendously heavy part, and Xiah Junsu is ‘the’ one who can make this part slop with the rythmic strength he has. However, it didn’t work well. Of course this ‘well’ is, our very very high standard that we only apply to Xiah Junsu.

However Xiah Junsu first breaks that during the 2nd Daegu performance on the 27th. We were so happy. And he does it once more at the last performance the following week. The first destruction was made. But the main strength there is somewhat ’emotional and acting’. It is a bit far from the ‘strength of the sound itself’ being aroused.

In fact, changing the ‘sound’ itself is the most difficult part. Especially, the sound we’re talking about here is not a sound that any singer can make, but a very rare and unusual sound. A sound that can be expected only from Xiah Junsu. The reason for the difficulty of changing the sound is because, it doesn’t work with only the change of conciousness. It needs a physical change, like changing a lengh of a hand or a leg. I said there was also a fault of the whole formation, but eventually it was all up to Xiah Junsu himself.

However, I wasn’t expecting for more, thinking the kind of change he made during the previous performance was excellent enough. That’s not something a human should expect of another human. However, this time…

Xiah Junsu, changes the ‘sound’ of that part of the song. This time it’s so obvious that everyone must have felt the strength. That part plays twice, and the change happens from the first time.

When he starts with “How do I lose my shadow~”, he pushes the sound to the back, putting a huge energy at the word “그” (it’s the first letter of shadow in Korean 어떻게 그림자를 잃고~). At the second line, he puts his energy at ‘자’ from ‘자신의~’. If you make a sound in this way, the rythm of the particular part is determined by the ‘first energy’. It’s not something on the score. The ‘strength/energy’ determines the rythm. When we mentioned about his blues vocal, we used the expression ‘elasticity of a stone’-now we don’t need another sample for explanation. You do it just like that. Hit it heavily, and that strength bounces. He does that in this part. Ahh.

And when he sings the same part for the second time-he builds up the strength, as if it’s so natural. And something surprising happens here. The sound literally bounces. When he sings ‘그림자 잃고~’, the note of the last letter ‘고’ bounces, and really goes up. This, is really a vocal seen from super heavy vocalists. The effect doubles the strength of the song. Ahh, this is indeed, a enormous scene.

And there is something else. The density of his ‘falsetto’ changed. However, let’s talk about that later.

Anyway, with all of these parts added up-a new ‘Can’t Avoid My Destiny’ appeared. People who watched the 2010 performance, wasn’t ‘Can’t Avoid My Destiny’ on the 19th so new and huge?

I’ll only mention ‘Can’t Avoid My Destiny’ this time, but Xiah Junsu shows a stronger, more dramatic, and fundamentally more free vocal. It’s not about his diction. This is something more of the whole performance, but I’ll postpone it.


Credit: http://www.piffania.com
Translated by With Junsu

(I think I will be translating&sharing a lot of fan account of both Tears of Heaven and Mozart!.
For fans who wasn’t able to attend to the performance, I want to deliver as much as I can about the performance, and Junsu’s greatness:) I hope it won’t be too boring for you…)


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