[Vid] 111022 Junsu refusing to do Angel Xiah


Junsu: Because in this place, really, there are other people except fans.. Really, I can’t do it! The..men passing by..they can curse me…Ah, really(waving hand) I can’t do it today, really. I’ll upload it on the Twitter later. (Fans chanting: Show us, show us!)

Yoochun: But..if there are only fans here, it’ll be ok but there are other people here too so..we need to see it even more, don’t we? Then if you win rock-paper-scissors with me, you don’t need to do it.
Junsu: Ok, ok
Yoochun: So if you win me, you’re not doing it.
Junsu: (If I win) It’s a revelation of God
Yoochun: I’ll show paper
Junsu: …..ok, you show paper
Yoochun: He’ll lose on purpose for the fans, cool guy Junsu

(Yoochun laughing, Junsu pointing at Yoochun and laughing)

Yoochun: Ok then I’ll show something else. I won’t tell, and just show anything else. Rock-paper-scissors!

(Junsu lost)

Junsu: Ah..
Yoochun: But well, I also think it’s not appropriate for thie place..Junsu might hit me when we get back to our car
Junsu: That, ahh..
Yoochun: Can’t do anything about it
Junsu: I think I’ll get anti-fans..a non-fan might say I pretended to be cute..

(Junsu keep watching Yoochun, smiling, then nodding)

Yoochun: That..seems to be difficult..(showing Angel Xiah) Sorry everyone
Junsu: You should consider what kind of place this is (the fansign event was held at a open space) it’s too open and..it looks like there are some men here. Really, they might start cursing

Via: poppy0720 on Youtube
Translated by WIth Junsu


7 thoughts on “[Vid] 111022 Junsu refusing to do Angel Xiah

  1. thanks for the translation. (I’m dying want to know this conversation since the fancams came out)
    this is totally cuteeee.
    but honestly, I’m agree with Junsu, fans should stop asking him to do that.
    kekekeke… maybe because I prefer charisma junsu? ^^
    I think Yoochun tried to help junsu , but then junsu lost? on purpose? LoL

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  4. Thank you for the translation! 😀

    that was ultra adorable! yoosu sitting too far away from each other though lol

    he still did it anyways. hehe no one will curse at angelxiah. he’s too cute

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