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@beyondmonica :Kim Junsu, casted as ‘Tod’ the God of Death in musical ‘Elisabeth’, the greatest masterpiece of Europe in 20th century. Not only the songs born in the city of Vienna are expected, but also the fatal lure of charming ‘Death’ http://goo.gl/txkF1 http://pic.twitter.com/V3X9qtm9

(below is the translation of the linked aritcle)

EMK Musical Company announced “Ok Juhyun and Kim Sunyoung will be playing the beautiful empress Elisabeth, and Ryu Junghan, Song Changeui, and Kim Junsu will be playing the Death in Musical ‘Elisabeth’ at Blue Square Samsung Electronic Hall in February, 2012.”

Musical ‘Elisabeth’ is a show that succeeded in both quality and popularity since its premiere in 1992, Vienna over 20 years, and famous as a musical that domestic musical fans has been waiting for.

And for the most pressing matter Elisabeth, who was the most beautiful empress in the history of Habsburg Haus, Ok Juhyun and Kim Sunyoung-both recognized as good singers and actors-was casted.

The original producers checked the audition video of these two actresses, and were pleasantly amazed at the two actresses’ vocal, appearance and the ablilty to understand and express the character, praising that it is the ‘perfect casting ever’.

Musical ‘Elisabeth’ has become a globally loved show transcending time and space, with a fantastic factor ‘death’ added to the true story of empress Elisabeth of Habsburg Haus. Death, a character that overwhelms the audience with his mysterious charm, falls in love by destiny with Elisabeth who was craving for freedom.

Death stays with Elisabeth through her whole life, saying that he is the only one who can give her freedom from the imprisonment and restrictions of the royal family, and lures her with ‘death’. Because this character is unrelated to sex, time and space, actors in their 20s to 50s played this role in overseas performances, showing different kind of charms.

Ryu Junghan, an actor with a nickname ‘a professional premiere actor for license musicals’, Song Changeui, an actor charismatic and gentle at the same time, and JYJ Kim Junsu, who secured his position as a musical actor was casted for the role ‘death’.

The domestic performance of musical ‘Elisabeth’, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be on stage from February 9th to May 13th in Blue Square Samsung Electronic Hall.

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