[VID] Elizabeth Highlights: Musical Concert DVD

Enjoy the highlights of Elizabeth performances from the “Musical Concert – Levay & Friends DVD. Seonah, you would have made an amazing Elizabeth! ᅲᅲ


내가 춤추고 싶을때

나 는 나 만의것

마지막 춤

그림가 는 길어지거


황금별 신영숙

sub: xiahxication
dvdrip: rikukim
Site: http://www.xiahxication.com


2 thoughts on “[VID] Elizabeth Highlights: Musical Concert DVD

  1. Tbh at first i was worried because Junsu’s performance in these Elisabeth’s songs were great but they are just not ‘there’ yet. I believe he can still do a lot better. But then I believe in Junsu. He must have been practicing a lot since then. He always surprises us with his skills lol. It’s Junsu, man. Never doubt him!!!! Anw I really can’t wait to see how Xiahtod will be ^____^

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