[Trans]Elisabeth Casting Introduction on the Designer’s Blog

For the past few days, I was dying to say something about the casting of ‘Elisabeth’^^
Finally, today the casting was all announced. It was a strategy to make people curious by announcing bit by bit for 3 days.

It got long, but let me introduce the casting!


Kim Junsu-sii, needless to say.
Since the choreographer is so excited and working hard(^^) I’m sure he/she will make a great choreography.


As I said isn’t it a dream casting?
There aren’t many performances, making you want to watch all castings.
Apart from preferences, every single actor is great.

Because the three Tods all differ in age and character, designer Han asserted impassionedly to make different designs for each person.

But it causes a headache~
As I watch the pictures of the casting again, I feel the greatness of Elisabeth, and its becoming a pressure.
How many woman clothes will I be making?!

Cr: Japanese costume designer Hukushima’s blog

Translated by With Junsu


2 thoughts on “[Trans]Elisabeth Casting Introduction on the Designer’s Blog

  1. makes me want to see the musical even more now TT______TT
    i mean, the teaser looks EPIC >< i've been wanting to watch a good musical ever since junsu opened my eyes about the awesomeness that is a musical stage đŸ™‚

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