[VID+TRANS] 111105 JYJ Berlin Concert Press Conference

Junsu:..we came to Europe. Last week, in Barcelona Spain, we had our first exculsive concert, and we’re here in Berlin today, since we’re planning to have another concert this Sunday..

Jaejoong:..thank you for your unexpected attention, and I think it was a great opporunity, a driving force for us, JYJ, to improve more in the future..

Yoochun: Every time when we visit different places, we feel new about ‘there are fans who are supporing us’, and in a way it is amazing and very thankful. The happiness of meeting many poeple while we travel various countries with a purpose of challenge.

Junsu: We’re making an effort to the extent that isn’t too difficult.

Q. There is a significance as the first K-POP performance in Berlin. In that point of view, please tell us your future plans or concert schedules targeting the European market.
Jaejoong: To be honest, I think we don’t have the traditional characteristic of K-POP. I think it’s just that as manias of the music we do in Korea-who love our JYJ-ish, JYJ-like music and performance-increased, the K-POP wave was formed. (about people who loves JYJ’s music)

Junsu: We chose Spain, which can embrace Western Europe, and Berlin, which can embrace Eastern, Northern Europe, a place where fans can gather easily. There isn’t a speical reason. Instead, if we succeed in making a great stage, and recieve favorable responses, I think we’ll have more chances to meet European fans in other countries and cities in the future.

Junsu: If there is a distiction between, for example a huge entertainment company’s planned concert, and ours, I think we have competitiveness in an aspect of the diversity of genre and the possibility of storytelling. We should work hard in the first place to be a team that people can sincerely like, not only by words. We will keep making an effor to become a team like that.

(because the video was cut off, there are some ‘…’ parts, where the boys’ words were cut off too.)

                                                            Credit: EBAK+DNBN                                                              Translated by With Junsu


8 thoughts on “[VID+TRANS] 111105 JYJ Berlin Concert Press Conference

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  2. i really love this side of junsu! he’s a child in many ways but if it a serious talk you can always expect intelligent answers from him and he’s so humble and sometimes emotional that you can really say its from his heart.
    really love this boy since DBSK…
    its their concert today probably starting already… go jyj fighting! good luck

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