[TRANS] Junsu’s Nicknames, Stuff You Might Need to Know

Do you know there are so many nicknames made by korean fans? These are some of nicknames you might need to know ^_~

1. Restless – a restless man, restless kid who changes his mind so suddenly.

2. Kim Malgeum/ Malgeumi – the nickname of Xiah Junsu who always has a bright smile (맑음 / Malgeum means clear, bright in Korean)

3. Kim Jeunseu/ Jeunseu: a cute way to pronounce ‘Junsu’

4. Xiah Jeunseu – a cute way to pronounce Xiah Junsu

5. KKan Junsu – nickname of Xiah Junsu when he spikes his hair up and shows his forehead

6. Crebeau Belle – the cosmetics brand whose owner is Xiah Junsu

7. Dolphin – a nickname that was given to Xiah Junsu after he imitated the dolphin’s sound in a program.

8. Lion JS – In a radio program, Junsu said he admired Tiger JK so he gave himself the nickname Lion JS

9. Mo-xiah-rt / Xiahzart – Xiah Junsu + Mozart, a comparison of Junsu’s musical sense to Mozart’s. A nickname that refers to the role Mozart which Junsu took in the musical ‘Mozart’ which has started since January

10. Bambaya – Kenyan word that Junsu likes to use.

11. Bora Bora island – Xiah Junsu’s favorite vacation spot which is located in Tahiti, where he once came to for filming.

12. Born to sing – nickname of Xiah Junsu who was born to sing.

13. Bu-nong-i ( a rich farmer) – this is a cute nickname of Xiah Junsu which derives from the word ‘Bun-hong-i’ (Pink – the color) (부농 and 분홍 are pronounced in the same way)

14. Sakaseuki? – ‘Do you like soccer?’, the first phrase that Junsu wants to say the most to the girl he likes

15. Water melon/ Thunder storm – infamous English words that Junsu used in Bigeaststation.

you can hear him saying watermelon and sakasuki in this episode of bigeastation ^^

16. Xiah – Xiah Junsu’s stage name

17. Xiah-ong-i (Xiah-meow) – Xiah Junsu + Ya-ong-i (Meow – sound of a cat)

18. Xiah-taro – Xiah Junsu + Hamtaro

19. Sun-twi-xiah – short form of “ Xiah who is ‘deep-fried’ (twi-kin) in pureness (sun-su)”

20. Seun-du-bu – the way Xiah Junsu, who can’t pronounce the ‘S’ properly, pronounces the word ‘Seon-du-bu’ (the prefects)

21. BabyXiah/ 23 month-old baby – a nickname of Xiah Junsu who is like a baby no matter how much he grows older.

22. Coconut tree/ Prince of coconut tree – Xiah Junsu’s favorite tree.

23. Oyagi gag – a play-with-words gag that Junsu usually uses in Japan

24. Orange Junsu – A Japanese child, after hearing the staffs called Junsu’s name, called him ‘Orange Juice’

25. Yosasouda! – Junsu’s line in Bigeaststation “It seems to be good!”

arround 2:53, this is when he was so into Bleach ^^

26. Eukyangkyang – Xiah Junsu’s laughter

27. “So this is it” – Junsu says this when he was embarrassed or had nothing more to say.

28. The Shoot-dol of Ilsan – a nickname that Junsu calls himself, who is from Ilsan, saying he is good at soccer.

29. Junsu’s revenge – Junsu’s objection to Xiahmoli

30.Angel Xiah – in a program, Junsu took away Choikang Changmin’s livelihood by posing his 1 million worth of smile

31. Charixiahma – Charisma + Xiah Junsu

32. Caxiahnova – Casanova + Xiah Junsu

33. Kimi mo suki (I like you too) – Junsu’s oyagi gag “I like the egg yolk but I also like you”

34. To-ppa-xiah – Xiah Junsu who falls for (ppa-jin) tomato.

35. Pizza shop (misarang) – the pizza shop in Ilsan which is own by Junsu’s parents.

36. Humanitarianism (Hong-ik-in-gan) – Xiah Junsu’s nickname whose face easily turns red (it is a play of words because ‘홍hong in Korean means read)

37. CD boy – a nickname that was given because Junsu sounds the same when singing live or in the CD.

38. .Jpg Junsu – Xiah Junsu who stops moving like a still image.

39. Tomorrow – be frozen. When Micky Yoochun asked Xiah Junsu what tomorrow meant, seeing the poster of the movie ‘Tomorrow’, Xiah Junsu came up with the answer “Frozen”.

40. Who’s that? – Xiah Junsu’s English catchphrase

Source : JYJ’s Telzone
via : @TaeinSoul

Translations : @sweetieXiah for WithJunsu

pics credits :  as watermarked (please inform us if those pics are yours ^^)

Video credits: soombisory + unofficialdear + jyjbest + cherryjellybeen + wickedinutopia2 + satomi0101 + junsustalker + naneunnamja + jooannee + CrystalGirl + babou3791 + xiahdec2 + tangerinex+ aktfhannah01 + VegeAsian + yuklznew


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