[Vid +Trans] 111114 Junsu Cuts – 17th Korean Musical Award

Congratulations to Kim Junsu and Yoon Gong Joo for winning “Most Popular Artist”

dont forget to catch his cute phail while presenting the award ^^

FYI, She is the very first musical star in K-musical world.. So you can think how honor it is..

Jeon Soo Kyung : Hello, I’m Jeon Soo Kyung

Kim Jun Su : Hello, I’m Kim Jun Su

JSK : Yea.. Of course clapping sounds.. (means he got louder lol)

JSK : It’s been a while that I come to musical awards because I’ve been last year. so I had long break. So I came back after long break then I came here to hold KJS hands as reward of my sick time. (kkk.. very witty) I can’t explain my feeling, I become a very happy and cheerful.

JSK : how do you feel that you come here with way high senior?

JS: aaaaaaaaaah..

JSK : You feel bitter? (kk means no good)

JS : No No.. I think it is very honor even it was just hold your hand to come here.

JSK : Way of his talk is very polite so it seems that we planned this chat.


JS : No.. It’s true!

JSK : You are not nervous, right?

JS : Of course (kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk we all know he’s very nervous)

JSK : Of course

JSK : Please think me as a close sister (I think she’s about his mom’s age, that’s why ppl laugh and she’s kinda still joke)

JSK : Don’t you have any musical song that come up for senior or the song you want to sing for me

(kkkkkkkkkkk.. you can hear fan’s scream)

JSK : oh.. I think I did right thing to tell ( ; ) haha witty!) Yea.. Anything you have like that?

JS : Sings Dancing Queen in Korean (Remember~!! You are the true best dancing queen~!!)

JSK : Wow! Mamma Mia

JS : kkk..

JSK : Oh.. This feeling is really Mamma Mia. Thank you, I like it.

JS : Thank you.

JSK : You busy these days?

JSK : puhahah (he wonders why she keep talks)

JSK : We really have lots of extra times.. I think it’s really the first time the live awards have lots of extra times. (Lucky for us + JYJ from TVXQ) So they ask me to talk a lot. So I don’t know where to put myself (it’s means she’s super happy kkkk)

JS : Yea.. I recently came back from Europe tour..

JSK : Ah..

JS : Ne.. so I am having break time now.

JSK : You did Mozart and Tears of Heaven then you are going to have new one as well?

JS : Yea, I will be back with New musical Elizabeth which is premiere in Korea early 2012. But above all things, I’d love to have same show with JSK Senior. Really!

JSK : Do you really wanna have same show with me?

JS : Absolutely! (Seems PLZ! can feel he’s serious!)

JSK : Really?

JS : Promise me!

JSK : I think I have to invest! hahahah.. Anyway I am very happy. Let’s start announce

 First awards was script award. Next one was best dirctor Award even she said it.. but since he’s so nervous…. kkkk

 JSK : Next award is for best director. Which we have to be nice to him, right?

JS : Yea

JSK : Would you announce?

JS : Yea… (then he said) Best Music Award

JSK : ?? Hm??

(see he almost shout out his name! but we got lucky master actress!)

JSK  : Best music? We did it right before. Hm.. it is

JS : ah.. not this one..

JSK : They got it right before. Let’s put this away. I will do it.. Sis will do! This kind of thing, sis must has to do!

What’s gonna happen if he comes here with young girl!! (I AGREE!) This one~!! yea. Ous is best director. Again~!! Again!

JS : Yea.. Somehow it was here (Poor boy)

JSK : This one the person who announced should take care of this.

JS : You right (kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.. baby KJS is back!)

JSK : Yea.. Ja.. Ne.. I will take care of this..

JS : This is my first time to announce the award

JSK : It’s ok It’s ok.. Sis is here… (lol)

Yoon Gong Joo knows how she got this prize : ) She thanks to KJS and fans

JS :  First of all, Thank you so much to give me this precious award. Seriously Musical as power of stage is make by passion and effort of every single staff and actors. Also  charm of musical is giving live power to you by stage of each show. I wanna give my thank from bottom of my heart again that I can attend this such a perfect show last year and this year again and also receive this honorable award. Honestly.. I feel very sad that since some point.. Our effort, passion, and May I call.. objective figure of your clapping and cheering and support, love that you give us because of our passion??!! About that part, we can’t get appraisal fairly of that things also there’s some avoid. Today I can again stand here and I think it’s more meaningful because of that. For that I truly wanna thank all of you again, And also, I truly wanna thanks to audience and fans who laugh and cry together on each show.

Thank you.

Videos credit :

Translations : @KoreaGossipGirl (Thank You ^^)

shared: With Junsu


5 thoughts on “[Vid +Trans] 111114 Junsu Cuts – 17th Korean Musical Award

  1. hahaha! junsu so nervous… well it’s his first to be a presenter… excuse!
    wish you all the best on your next musical! my angel boy fighting!

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