[VID+TRANS] 111114 Korea Musical Awards-Junsu Presenting Awards


Joen Sukyung: Hello, I’m Joen Sukyung

Junsu: Hello, I’m Kim Junsu

Joen Sukyung: As expected, the applause.. It has been a while since I last attended a musical awards. I was a bit sick last year, so I had a lot of free time. I came here after a long time, and I made an appearance holding hands with Junsu-ssi, like I’m being rewarded for the time I was sick! I became so happy and cheerful, more than I can say in words. How about you? How do you feel showing up, holding hands with a super-sunbae(senior)? Do you feel a bit bitter?

Junsu: No, no. The mere fact that I appeared on stage holding hands with you is such an honor to me.

Joen Sukyung: He talks so politely, it sounds like a script.

Junsu: No, I really mean it.

Joen Sukyung: You’re not nervous, are you?

Junsu: Of course.

Joen Sukyung: Of course, yes. Just think me as a close noona(older sister). Maybe, if there is a line from a musical you can think of for a sunbae, or a song you want to sing for a sunbae.. (fans screaming) oh, it seems like I asked a good question. Can you think of anything?

(Junsu singing Dancing Queen)

Joen Sukyung: Wow! Mamma Mia! Oh this kind of atmosphere is called Mamma Mia. Thank you so much. I like it.

Junsu: Thank you.

Joen Sukyung: You’re busy these days, right?

(Junsu laughing out loud)

Joen Sukyung: We have a lot of time. I think this is the first time we have time left over in the history of live broadcast. They asked us to talk a lot, so I don’t know what to do with myself.

Junsu: Yes, well. We had a Europe tour a while ago, and having a time to relax these days.

Joen Sukyung: You did Mozart and Tears of Heaven. And you’re also starting a new musical.

Junsu: Yes, I’m planning to come back with a musical called ‘Elizabeth,’ which is going have its premiere early next year. Above all, I really want to act with Joen Sukyung sunbae-nim on stage someday.

Joen Sukyung: You really want to be on the same stage?

Junsu: Yes, certainly.

Joen Sukyung: Really?

Junsu: Please promise me.

Joen Sukyung: I need to make an investment. Anyway, its so pleasant. Now, we still need to present awards, right?

Junsu: Yes.

Joen Sukyung: Since we’re on stage here. Junsu-ssi, will you please introduce the award we’re about to persent?

Junsu: The awards we are about to present is an award given to a writer or a lyricist who wrote the most solid story among newly created musicals. Please present the script award.

Joen Sukyung: Oh, he’s so polite. The 17th Korea Musical Awards, Script award. Noh Woosung-nim of Sherlock Holmes!

Junsu: Congratulations.

(omiting from 3:53~4:17)

Joen Sukyung: The next is an award given to the director who has shown the most outstanding ability. We need to get in this person’s good side, right?

Junsu: Yes, that’s right.

Joen Sukyung: Will you please present?

Junsu: Yes, I will present. The 17th Korea Musical Awards, Music award.

Joen Sukyung: Uh.. We presented the Music award just a moment ago, Junsu-ssi. This one, this is presented before, put this away. Noona will do this for you. Noona is supposed to do these kind of things. How were you going to do if you were on stage with a young guy? You must have been in trouble. This is the one. We have to present Director award.

Junsu: Oh, I had this one in my hands.

Joen Sukyung: The person who present before should have put this away. I’ll put this away myself.

Junsu: This is the first time I’m presenting..

Joen Sukyung: It’s ok, it’s ok. Noona’s here for you.

Junsu: The 17th Korea Musical Awards, Director award. Kim Hyokyung of Turando.

(omiting from 5:33~end)

(because the first video does not work well, I’m adding a fancam)

Video Credit: JjYcJs ,JJangWoo10 on Youtube

Translated by With Junsu



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