[Trans] 111127 Junsu-Junho Tweets

@0101xiahtic@JUNO_Japan Hyung!!!!!

@JUNO_Japan: What’s up!!! You called me first, what a surprise~~!! I’m moved to tears!!(T^T) I couldn’t tweet because I was in China~“@0101xiahtic@JUNO_Japan Hyung!!!!!”

@0101xiahtic@JUNO_Japan Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@JUNO_Japan: I am kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“@0101xiahtic:@JUNO_Japan Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

@JUNO_Japan: ㅋㅋEverybody don’t misunderstand Junsu and I!! He called me just now~ and he flew in to rage because my Korean cellphone was turned off ㅋㅋ(^-^; )ㅋㅋ(Junsu sunbae-nim you wanted to talk with hyung-nim on the phone!!ㅋ)

Translated&Shared by With Junsu


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