[Fanart] The Xiah Star

Source : Gurimpan.co.kr



7 thoughts on “[Fanart] The Xiah Star

  1. Yah that’s my angel boy su! he didn’t need to boost out his talent it all comes naturally! and the most i like about him is he’s so appreciative and very down to earth!

  2. Omg this is so lovely…it describes perfectly the kind of person junsu is.
    He’ll always be our super talented yet so humble shining star ~~~

  3. Yeah , Junsu gets his achievements by hardwork n explore what he has…….

    He always does the best…..i know it and proud as a fan \ (@__^)/

  4. oh my Junsu looks adorable… 😀

    ur art style is really good. um, i was wondering, do u hv artwork of the other boys as stars too? i was looking for stars with animated headshots of the boys for a t-shirt design wen i came across this. if u wud give ur permission, i wud like to use the Xiahstar’s pic on my tshirt. please let me kno. thanks.^^

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