[Trans] 111129 Junsu – Jihwan Tweets

Jihwan finally shaved his stache and sharing the before & after pictures on his twitter. ^^[Trans] @0101xiahtic: @JiHwan_Sim Well done Ji Hwan-ahㅜ

[Trans] @JiHwan_Sim: @0101xiahtic  After listening to what hyung (you) said, I was talking with the hyungs in the dorm and shaved it off in a refreshing way, ㅎㅎbut it feels kinda strange,,ㅠ

here’s a picture of Junsu and Jihwan from Jihwan’s cyworld ^^

Translated and shared by With Junsu


2 thoughts on “[Trans] 111129 Junsu – Jihwan Tweets

  1. oww..lovely junsu, give advice for his squad member…
    junsu can be stylish advisor too, he does know how to make people look good…
    Jihwan look better without the mustache though..^^

  2. oh so it’s junsu’s idea? I think junsu was right,
    jihwan looks younger without the mustache. ^___^
    and btw
    checking on the pic junsu and jihwan, junsu looked like a boss there. but honestly he still looks cute as always. XD

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