[Vid/Subs] 111202 Junsu: A Star who Loves Chicken!

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The second star

A star that is in deep love with food made with chicken.
Hyun Young: It’s too difficult..

Favorite menu, chicken, no question asked!!
Go Woori: He/She likes food made with chicken sooo much. So he can live with just eating chicken, not rice..
Hyungyoung: A man or a woman?

A male star, and has a name with four letters
Go Woori: A man. His name is made up of four letters.

Dockgo Young jae, Namgoong Ohkbun, Sunwoo Euhsook
Answers from a man in his forties
Jung Junha: Dockgo Young jae! Namgoong Ohkbun! Sunwoo Euhsook!
Go Woori: He’s a huge Hallyu star.

A crucial hint. Has a ‘nickname’ infront of his name?!
Go Woori: He has a nickname infront of his name.

Micky Yoochun
Hyun Young: Micky Yoochun!

Imo(aunty)-nim, growing impatient
Hyun Young: I started with Micky Yoochun, right?

Xiah Junsu! Ding-dong-dang~~
Lee Hweejae: Xiah Junsu!! Whoa~
JYJ Junsu “Can live even if I only had food made with chicken”

Hyun Young just helped other people to get the question right after all
Jung Junha: Xiah Junsu from JYJ, that’s right. He likes chicken.

Xiah Junsu, a famous chicken mania

Junha’s testimony: Hyung-nim chicken please~
Jung Junha: When he comes to my resturant, he only eats chicken.

Don’t you think he looks a little bit like a chicken?
Hyungyoung: That reminds me, doesn’t he look like a chicken a bit?

Go Woori: Ah..haha yeah I think she’s right.

Fans’ anger rising sharply!
Hyung Young: No, I meant he’s handsome.

Looking like a bird=meaning he’s handsome

Steve Jobs looks like a bird too?
Hyung Young: Including Steve Jobs, people who are popular globally all look like birds.


Imo-nim will you be alright…?
Hyungyoung: Really, I mean it. I mean.. every person looks like something..

Shikshin Road bulletin board reserved to be plastered! (T/N: It means the bulletin board will be full of complaints about her, cuz she called Junsu a ‘bird’)
Hyung Young: What am I gonna do..I don’t know I’ll wrap this up.

Imo-nim, sticking to her opinion
Hyung Young: When you see respectable people..(they look like birds too). Sir Lee Hwang too.

Video Credit: DNBN

Translated by With Junsu



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