Happy Birthday, Our Junsu!♥ #xiahday

its 15th December already! say whutttt?!

Happy Birthday to Junsu! 생일 축하드립니다, 김준수~!! 이 특별한 날에 오빠의 소원이 모두 이루어지길! 사랑합니다! God bless you! ^^


and yes of course….. everyone loves junsu! 🙂

from Min Young-ki (a musical actor and Junsu’s friend) : @0101xiahtic : “Junsu-yah, happy birthday! although i’m sure every every single day is the best day!!! because you’re here, ‘Elisabeth’ is really strong!! Hwaiting! Xiahtod, Happy birthday!!!!!!

from Yoon Gyeong-sik (one of FCMEN members, Junsu’s friend) : “@0101xiahtic Omedetou~ ^-^ seems like you’re having a good time~ ㅋㅋ”

from Lim Byeong-han (Youngpil’s brother, one of FCMEN member, Junsu’s friend) : “Happy Birthday~ Together~ the cake that we made is amazing, isn’t it?” http://pic.twitter.com/OZ3ZdX2T

from Kim Junho (Junsu’s twin brother. and yes, of course its also his birthday! *Duh*): @0101xiahtic: My doppleganger Junsu-yah!! Happy birthday~ Since we’ve both been busy, we’ve never really celebrated our birthdays together before huh.. Eat lots of delicious things with your Korean friends and have a good time! Thank you as always!!♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

from Monica (CjeS’s staff..you guys know her right? lol) : @0101xiahtic: “Our handsome, cool, good at soccer, completely precious king-of-memorization, artist-nim whose consideration for others is as wide as the pacific ocean, Happy Birthday! ^^*”

from Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky’s member, Junsu’s friend) : “@0101xiahtic: Junsu-yah~ Sincerely Happy Birthday~ Anyway when will we go eat together and play?? Call me ^^”

from Kim Jaejoong (JYJ’s member, and Junsu’s close friend/hyung) : “@0101xiahtic our beloved Junsu-yah, happy birthday ^^”

credit : Junsu’s friends tweets

translated by : WithJunsu

and the list goes on…. lols

once again, Happy Birthday our precious Kim Junsu! 🙂

and lets keep trending #xiahday on twitter!


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