[Fanart] Junsu’s Bluebird

Fly quickly quickly~
Deliver my words to Xiahpwas^.^
(tweet tweet)

Oh? Isn’t that Junsu’s bluebird?
I’m going to have it

Come here
You’re mine now                                                                                                        

(struggle struggle)

Keep still!
I’m your owner now!

Why isn’t my bluebird coming back?..

What you killed selfishly are Junsu’s heart, memories, daily life,
one of few ways to communicate with us.

Fanart Credit: Gurimpan

Translated by With Junsu


8 thoughts on “[Fanart] Junsu’s Bluebird

  1. Yay! This is so sad… a metaphor of the hacker problem… *sigh*
    the blue bird=tweeter… *sigh*
    Please leave alone JYJ´ birds! >__<

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