[Fanart] Rudolf the Xiahsum’s Worry

Why should Rudolf Xiahsum be alway cute?(T/N: Sasum meens deer in Korean. Since Xiah sounds similar to Sa, the fanarter is calling Junsu Xiahsum^^)

Yeah, alright!
I’ll show Rudolf the Xiahsum can be sexy too!
clench clench

When you talk about ♥sexy♥, it’s seethrough!!!
Like this!!

Please give me the most sexy seethrough in this store^.^

This isn’t a seethrough..
is ~red long johns~

here here here
It is (a seethrough)♥ Seethrough Rudolf

Kiss and touch me
Is it really sexy..
<Seethrough Rudolf the Xiahsum’s Intoxication>

Seethrough Rudolf the Xiahsum, who was always fooled, had a very shiny nose…kkk

★Allfans are banned to take this out

Fanart Credit: gurimpan

Translated by With Junsu


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