[Review] Musical “Elisabeth”


For Kim Junsu, who is at his peak of his musical career, his husky voice and over-pronunciation which still clearly delivered the messages in his lines, were unfamiliar to the audiences but very much close to who he was: Der Tod. Kim’s relaxed voice and his evenly flowing breathing sound melted into Tod’s song, a particularly slow one among all 44 tracks. It embraced a strange atmosphere with Kim’s voice. Just like Kim promised that he will play an “active” version of Tod, every bit of his movement had a strong, yet soft, tension. His vocal technique of using his chest and head back and forth breathed life into the relationship between Tod and Elisabeth, who endlessly longed for the death of freedom.


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[TRANS] Junsu letter for fans at Lotte Duty Free fanmeeting

translation :
“To be able to overcome so many difficulties, and to successfully complete our world tour, all of these are thanks to everyone of you. Although I do also think that it’s a miracle that we’ve made it up till here, but we won’t just stop here, and continue to venture out to find a bigger world out there. To me, I think that something like that is the best return gift that JYJ can give to the fans.

Today I’m happy meeting everyone, and also being able to share a happy memory with you. All of your smiles will form my smile, and if you’re happy, it becomes JYJ’s motivating force. Although this moment together now is ending, please treasure the memory of today until our next meeting. We will also treasure this moment preciously, and do our best so that we can return your love.

I would like to give my thanks to all of you who travelled from so far to come and see JYJ today. I’m always happy that all of our precious fans are together with us.

And I love you.”

–oh uri Jungoo T_____T

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[News] Jo Seungwoo-Kim Junsu, Musical Rivals? In fact, good friends

Jo Seungwoo-Kim Junsu, Musical Rivals? In fact, good friends

   Actor Jo Seungwoo and Kim Junsu(JYJ), stars famous for having great ticket power in the musical world, are sharing a warm friendship as sunbae-humbae, not rivals. Kim Junsu and Jo Seungwoo attracted attention by having a battle on stage with ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde.’
Then, recently, as Kim Junsu attended musical ‘Zorro’ and the VIP preview of movie ‘Perfect Game’ that Jo Seungwoo acts in, it became the talk of the town.
In addition, curiosity was aroused about how Jo Seungwoo and Kim Junsu got close, when it seems that they didn’t have a lot of chances to meet each other.
In his recent interview, Jo Seungwoo commented that Kim Junsu is a good actor hubae, adding “I asked Junsu to come to see my movie, and he really did. Junsu even said ‘hyung I really enjoyed the movie’.”
A staff said, “They keep in touch and text message each other frequently. It’s heartwarming to see Jo Seungwoo-ssi cherishing Kim Junsu as a musical actor and giving advice about acting. Even though they are often considered as rivals, in fact, they are in a good sunbae-hubae relationship, supporting and caring each other. After watching ‘Perfect Game,’ Kim Junsu was moved by Jo Seungwoo’s acting once again and recommends it to everyone around him.”
At an interview with OSEN, Kim Junsu said, “I really want to act on the same stage with Jo Seungwoo sunbae someday,” expressing his respect for Jo Seungwoo.

Credit: OSEN

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[TRANS] Junsu’s GQ Interview from 2008


Q. It feels like Xiah Junsu’s aura is out of TVXQ’s orbit.
-Is does?

Q. You look free. It felt like you weren’t decorating yourself.(T/N: the interviewer means he doesn’t decorate himself when he’s singing) Is that Xiah Junsu’s sensitivity?
-When I’m singing live, I ad-lib a lot. Like this ‘nononohowoohoh.’
But because we’re a team, we all be careful not to break that frame. It’s the difficult part, yet the most important part.

Q. When you sing, do you sing your own song?
-I sing, thinking the audience.

Q. Which side do you give more weight to, singing your own song, or singing what the audience wants? That is a sort of a conflict.
-Right. But I don’t calculate when I sing. I don’t think of the theories. It changes regarding my mood or my condition on that day. I let it flow naturally. When I was performing ‘Jumun(Mirotic)’ live for the first time, I even thought when should I breathe.
Now, I just breathe when I have to breathe. It’s best to sing almost perfectly same as the recorded version, but that would ruin the charm of singing live.

Q. Is your sense of identity as a singer your voice?
-If I have to choose, 50 singing, 50 dancing. I can’t say I like singing better. I’ve been dancing ever since I was a trainee. Somehow my image ended up..

Q. You became the ‘Born to Sing’
-That’s just what fans call me. Please forget about that. I have the same amount of passion for dancing.

Q. If you had to completely give one of your talents to a devil, what would you give up? Your voice? singing ability? sensibility? technique?
-Technique. I don’t really need it. There are priorities of singing.

Q. Which one is the first priority?
-Sensitivity. Whether someone sings well or not, that could be a difference between styles.
The most important part is how sincerely you sing with the voice you’re born with. I still have a long way to go, but that’s the attitude I have.

Q. Who stimulates Xiah Junsu?
-I get angry when I listen to Brian McKnight’s songs. He just sings so well.

Q. There was a fan who compared Stevie Wonder, Kim Bumsu with Xiah Junsu. “Who sings better?”
The fan said, “I liked Xiah Junsu the best. He was the only one who made me shed tears.”
-Haha. I’m embarrassed. It must have been a compliment about whose singing touched her the most, not who sang better. First of all, I’m embarrassed at even speaking those names myself. I’m overwhelmingly honored just to be compared with Stevie Wonder and Kim Bumsu-ssi.

Q. I heard you accomplished everything you wished for in 2008.
-Everything I wished for was fulfilled. I achieved beyond my goal. To be honest, We’ve been compared a lot as we released the latest album.

Q. With other groups?
-I heard people saying “TVXQ is past their peak.” That’s what the comments said too.
The gap of an year and seven months was longer than i thought. It felt like it was longer. When we were making a comeback in the past, it was just a ‘comback.’
This time, I thought ‘can we do well?’ Many things changed, including the fandom, music, culture. On top of that, I frequently heard people saying “Will TVXQ do well in Korea too?” Because we topped in Japan.

Q. There were a lot of people who thought it would fail. (T/N: TVXQ’s comeback in Korea)
-Yes But I don’t focus on whether we success or not.
I wasn’t confident about that part. It’s not like we would succeed in appealing to the public by simply doing well. We should get the time and trend right. It depends on the public whether the song gets popular or not. For the 6 years since my debut, I didn’t have time nor need to think about it. I judged that the public lost their senses of who we were while TVXQ was gone for an year and seven months. So we pledged to just show “We are still TVXQ.” That was one thing we were confident and sure about.

Q. It’s a comfortable thought.
-We had to think like that. The pressure was no joke. I can say this since it’s all passed. It was much worse last year. (T/N: talking about the pressure and anxiety)

Q. I went to your fansite yesterday. It was kind of a paradise. They were enjoying happiness within Xiah Junsu. And truly. How does it feel to be a person that can make other people happy?
-Good songs, good performances. That’s the only way I can repay.
It’s hard to think like ‘If I do this, this will happen.’ Because I’m a singer, songs and performances are all I got.

Q. At the beginning, did you start trusting your voice?
-My starting point was Kangta hyung. Even now, I’m not nervous when I see stars.
I was like that since I was young. I don’t get nervous at all even when I see really popular actresses.

Q. Even Kim Taehee? Jun Jihyun? Or Monica Bellucci?
-I know pretty people are pretty. It’s just that each person has merits. (T/N: the literal translation for this is “it’s just like, I like this person because of this part” but it’s confusing so I translated liberally)

Q. Did you stuck Kangta’s picture on your pencil case?
-My pencil case? Ahh, I wasn’t that much of a fan. I stuck it on my desk.

Q. It’s the same.
-Even now I get nervous when I see Kangta hyung. I’m still surprised when I realize myself talking with him casually. It’s true that I’ve become a singer because of Kangta hyung.

Q. I know what you ate for lunch yesterday. Pizza.
-Yes. How did you know?

Q. A ‘Saseng’ fan told me. You had a vacation from January 1st to 10th. Is that a vacation without a interference of the company?
-The company doesn’t interfere. The ‘Seseng’ fans do. I really don’t like it. I think they are too selfish. They say they have a right to do that because they are fans, but intruding our private time. All of it…(taken away) I don’t want to lose that vacation.

Q. Is it exactly 10 days in a year?
-Yes, the full vacation is for 10 days. But they wait infront of my home, follow me around, it’s hard to give them a slip and this bothers me when I go anywhere. I know it’s a part I should put up with as a entertainer. I might be asking for too much. But I want to meet fans only at the stage.

Q. Do you think you can become accustomed to that kind of fandom when you continue your life as an idol?
-I can become accustomed. Becoming accustomed, means becoming immune. But I would feel sorry for myself being used to it. So I try not to be used to it. That’s a lot of tension. If we become accustomed, we would be the ones miserable.

Q. You seem to have a peaceful, strong ego. Is that why you like the ocean?
-I like palm trees. It makes me comfortable. A palm tree gives me the feeling ‘I’m in a foreign country.’ For a vacation, I choose resorts over cities. I like the ocean and the warmth. I like having the thought ‘I’m taking a rest.’ Palm trees, sunlight. I have such a big fantasy about it.

Q. Idols are often looked down on for the fact they are idols.
I always listen to music but I didn’t get an answer when I thought ‘Where would I be the happiest to listen TVXQ’s music?’
-I understand. Our songs were focused on performances most of the time. It might have been hard while walking.(T/N: listening to TVXQ’s music and feel happy while walking)

Q. Do you have a sense of identity as an idol?
-Yes, I do. But the judgement depends on the public. And we’ve come too far to change that. Being an idol isn’t bad. The attitude Korea has towards idols is bad.

Q. Why do you think Korea thinks so poorly of idols?
-I don’t know. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce are also idols, but people don’t think they are bad singers. But they think Korean idols can’t sing well. Because the way public regards idols is so poor, a lot of bands try to look like ‘artists’ instead of aiming for idols.

Q. What about TVXQ?
-If I could hope for more, I want to change the image of idols, not the fact TVXQ is an idol.
I want to shatter the prejudice that idols lack talent. TVXQ is an idol.

Q. Is that one of your goals?
-No. Either being called as an idol or not, that’s up to the public.

Q. Will TVXQ be able to do it? How do you think about it?
-There isn’t a standard like ‘if you succeed this, you’re talented.’ I just don’t settle for present.

Q. That’s a path of an aritst.
-It’s hard to satisfy all areas 100% as an idol. We have antis because we are popular, and we started out as idols.

(At this moment, the chicken Xiah Junsu ordered for arrived)

Q. The chicken is here.
-Chicken, my favorite. I like all kinds of food made with chicken. I usually like seasoned chicken better. This one is delicious even though it’s fried chicken. It’s crunchy.

Q. You don’t seem to mind how you look like on TV.
-I don’t.

Q. Isn’t it tough?
-I can’t say it’s not tough. But there things I gain and lose.
That’s not only for entertainers, but same for any fields. It gets tough when I try to gain something by force that I’m not able to gain.
It’s a greed. If you’re too strong, you break easily. (T/N: it’s a Korean proverb. Means when too solid, it will easily break. Sometimes being flexible can be stronger.)
Because there are things I have, I give up on others. I’m so happy and grateful being loved as a singer, as Xiah Junsu from TVXQ.
However I don’t think I would choose to be an entertainer if I were born again. I’ve been thinking this since 2 years ago. Because I tried it once, there’s a part of me that wants to live a normal life, and I’m not sure I can do it again. (T/N: the literal translation is ‘I’m not confident about it’) For singing, I want to sing comfortably while I live a normal life.

Q. What does the interveiw with GQ mean to you?
-To be honest, I don’t read magazines. I’m not interested in fashion. Yoochun hyung(T/N: seems like the interviewer made a mistake here!) is the one that likes fashion.

Q. Do you think GQ is a fashion magazine?
-I know <GQ> is popular. I mean it.

Q. Don’t you want to ride nice cars? Like Porsche?
-I’m not interested in cars either. I have the curiosity men naturally have when they drive, but I don’t like luxury items either. When I’m buying clothes, I’m annoyed at even trying clothes on. As an entertainer, I’m really ‘not the type.’

Q. You are really a person that has no reasons to read a magazine. When something lures Xiah Junsu, what kind of things would shake you up?
-I think I would be shaken if a owner of a pro soccer team asks me ‘why don’t you try playin soccer?’ I will definitely be shaken if I recieve a recruitment offer from Manchester United. If I were born again, I will be a soccer player. I have four pairs of soccer shoes and six soccer uniforms in my trunk. I carry it around so I can play soccer whenever I can. Soccer is almost the only thing I can change for music.

Q. If everyone let you go, where are you going to go?
-Borabora Island.

Q. Why are you so obsessed with BoraBora Island? You said that not once or twice.
-I made myself a promise to go there once again before I die. *sigh* I can’t even express the peacefulness.

It’s a old interview from 2008, but as it is considered to be one of his best interviews, I translated it again. There will be parts different from other translations, since I found some minor mistakes in former translations. (Not saying mine is perfect.) I tried to not to damage the original text. Please, enjoy:)

Credits: GQ magazine

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[TRANS] TeenTop’s Chunji accepted by singing JYJ’s Kim Junsu “You Are So Beautiful” and Chris Brown’s “With You”

Teen Top’s Chunji has been accepted into Hanyang University.


As reported in bnt news, Chunji was accepted based on merit as he had personally took the test for major in vocals and succeeded. His acceptance is not based on special offer. A representative said that, “We were informed of the results before the SATs; Chunji sang Chris Brown’s “With you” and JYJ’s Kim Junsu “You are so beautiful” for his practical test.”


credit : GOKPOP.com

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[NEWS] JYJ in Berlin – off the record interview

Q. It’s the last tour for this year. What points are you going to appeal?

Junsu: This tour is an extension of the worldwide album, not a new one. There’s nothing much changed for this tour. Instead, we are going to have European dancers on stage with us. A popular star in Spain(Rafa Mendez). He dances passionately, with acrobatic skills. We combined those kind of dances with our performance. That could be the difference.

Q. It’s the first solo concert in Europe, unlike combined concerts of other companies. You mentioned that being able to narrate or do a storytelling is a difference(between JYJ’s concert and other combined concerts). What does that mean?

Junsu: In a project concert by companies, many singers show up, sing their title songs, and that’s all. However, JYJ can show diverse things through talking. The difference starts from there. The dance songs and ballads have a story. On the other hand, when singers just sing their own songs and leave the stage, it could be awkward when moving on to a ballad after a dance music. Those are the different points. In other words, this is a performance in Europe, putting up our team’s name, not a company’s title. It’s meaningful for the fact alone that we made the first step in Spain and Germany, where no one tried before.

Q. Do you realize the K-pop fever, as you’re actually in Europe?

Jaejoong: I think the K-pop fever we imangined is exaggerated. In Thailand and China, you can hear K-pop just walking on the streets. You can also commonly see selling (K-pop) CDs. To be honest, in Europe, it’s hard for a star to feel the fever if not around the venue. It’s a step where K-pop market is just initiating. The fire is about to start. People are calling it K-pop fever in Korea, because there are more and more Hallyu manias forming as time goes on. Because there is this fever, they want to know about K-pop. In our case, it’s a small scale performance, as it is an exclusive concert. It’s a concert without profit. To tell the truth, if there’s no profit, usually there are no plans for a next concert. Because we need profit for a next concert. However, we are performing, looking into the future.

Q. How was the response of the Spain audience?

Yoochun: When we see a fan from a country, we see the culture of the country. We could see the culture of Spain. It was powerful, unlike the passion we experienced in Asia. It made us think we would like to have more concerts in this country. If the stage gets bigger, I think that feeling will grow too.

Junsu: The fans drew out that power. When it was over, we felt like we did something more than we could actually do. They drew out a kind of energy, an energy impossible to draw out intentionally.

Q. I think you will feel like promoting the national glory when you perform in Europe like this?

Yoochun: It gives us more paths to go, and we feel responsibility on our shoulders, making us not think it is because we’re good. In a way, it is a concert that makes us not settle (for the current situation.) At performances in Europe, we try to be honest, without bubbles. We try to be not shy at articles saying, ‘we are this popular in Europe.’

Jaejoong: How many artists will there be among Asian artists, able to make a bubbleless, honest performance in a small venue, doing the first concert in Europe? Someone could say it was successful, even though it was not, but we don’t like that.

Q. What do you mean by ‘more paths to go’?

Jaejoong: When we performed in Japan, we had about 200,000 people per concert. We have nearly 1,000,000 people when we have four concerts, two in Osaka and two in Tokyo. When we have concerts in big venues like that, even we start to settle for our position, thinking ‘Where would be bigger than here in the future,’ or ‘Do we have a place to go up,’ and start to be too proud. It’s painful for an artist if there’s no goals to achieve anymore. However when we have smaller concerts in other countries and see the empty seats, it becomes a new goal for us, rather than a hollow feeling.

Junsu: We had to start from the very bottom in Japan too. We felt our popularity becoming more strong and solid, and at last, achieved a grand slam. It is right to start like this in Europe too.

Q. Isn’t it hard, not able to appear on music shows in Korea?

Junsu: It’s sad when we people look down on us, saying we aren’t popular. It feels terrible when they belittle us, like lowering the number of fans to prove they’re right.

Q. How do you think the relationship will be with the seperated members?

Yoochun: I thought ‘is it that hard to reunite?’ when I was young, watching teams breaking up like Seo Taeji and Sechs Kies. It is hard. Because it’s not what we, just the five of us, can do. It’s difficult to give you a definite answer.

Credit: http://1hyuk.tistory.com/5 (YTN journalist’s blog)

Translated by With Junsu

[NEWS] Junsu a Man of Autumn in Berlin, Tweets


Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu has revealed how he is doing in Berlin.

Kim Junsu posted on his Twitter on the 1st at 11:17pm a photo with the following words: “Arrived in Berlin~ Nice. [The weather is] cool.”

In the photo, Kim Junsu is sitting on the rear seat of a large vehicle, wearing sunglasses and looking out the window. The atmosphere of a man of autumn is very present with him and this draws the eyes.

The netizens who saw this responded in a variety of ways: “You have gone from Spain to Germany. Fighting until the end of the concert!” “Are you feeling [moody] due to autumn? Why are you doing this by yourself?” “Enjoy Berlin! Drink a glass of beer too.”

On the other hand, JYJ will hold a concert on the 6th in the Tempodrom of Berlin, Germany. This is the second location of their European Tour after Spain.

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