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Hello readers:)

I’m well aware of the inactiveness of With Junsu currently.
However, while talking with other Xiahpwas, we came to a conclusion that an international Junsu fansite is necessary, so I suggested renewing With Junsu instead of making a whole new site.
With help of other Xiahpwas, a new homepage has been created.
For readers’ convenience, informations are organized in categories. There is a forum too, where members who joined with us can freely talk and spazz!

See you over there from now on! Thank you for readers who stayed with us on With Junsu


[Twitter] 120318 Junsu Twitter Update!

@mjkim8200: I’ll be finally meeting you today^^ Director-nim…Everyone know you’re always the best!! I’ll tell you how to handle your mind and body against those postings…!! Hwaiting!!

@yoonphantom: I’ll try my best with a new attitude again^^ Help me hyung~!!

It really feels like everything passed like a storm during the last 2 weeks.. Like a sunnier day comes, Father give us the courage.. Yoochun who is filming again.. and Jajoongie hyung who is more worn out these days.. and me.. Let’s cheer up everyone!!

Like I always did..Let’s laugh away…^^People say there is nothing more difficult than being loved by everyone..If so, we must be walking in the right path..right? (T/N: the literal translation is “we must be walking pretty well..right?) Woorie Jaeoongie hyung..and woorie Yoochun.. Let’s work just a bit more harder..just a little bit more. Woorie members, I love you and am always thankful to you~

Translated by With Junsu

[Trans] Interview of Sylvester Levay with NewsWave in Korea

Interview of Sylvester Levay with NewsWave in Korea

** Mr. Levay is a original composer of <Mozart!> and <Elizabeth>

This is a forth visit to korea for Mr. Levay, and there’s a special bond with him and this country. Kim Junsu is one of those specials, who played the lead on works of Levay in a row. He took a title role in <Mozart!>, and currently casts as ‘Tod’ in <Elizabeth>.

Mr. Levay raved about the performance of this rising star. “Junsu is at one with the character on the stage.” Then, he talked about their first meeting with a bright face.

“I met Junsu in the opening of <Mozart!> for the first time. He was so friendly and such a sweetheart as now. Thankfully, Junsu told me that he was fascinated by my music. Since that day, we’ve got to be friends. I’ve watched the process of his growth as an actor for the last 2 years. Junsu isn’t overawed by a character to be but is assimilated so naturally, and I respect that tremendously. Especially in the case of <Mozart!>, there are many similarities between the protagonist and Junsu himself. This point had a strong influence on his heartful performance, I guess.”

For Mr. Levay, ‘Tod’ is a special character. The allegory of Tod as god of death has its long own history. This deep-rooted traditional character was adapted for <Elizabeth>, and lend a fantastic atmosphere to the play.

Mr. Levay responded to a question about the performance of Junsu as ‘Tod’.

“As you know, ‘Tod’ is utterly different from ‘Mozart’. And I was very impressed with his acting to go into this new character when I saw him in rehearsals. Actually, I changed my departure schedule for watching his first performance. We are like family now and our real families, too.”

And Junsu told that he was a big fan of Mr. Levay, and chose this play unhesitatingly because of the brilliant music.

Credit: NewsWave

Translated by With Junsu

[Trans] Writers’ Thanks in the K Star Magazine (March 2012)

– Jang, Kyungjin(interviewer) :

When I’d have a plan to interview with Xiah-Junsu, I couldn’t expect this kind of recognition that far. But he surpassed all my expectation. Junsu was a very nice and genuine person. His eyes were shining brightly, and his unique laughter really sounded like “u-kyang-kyang,” the onomatopoeia which his fans used for imitating that voice.

Most of all, I was very much impressed with his positive view of life. (So I want to give him a new nickname, “apostle Positive Kim”.) By his favor, I reminded many precious memories and feelings which had laid aside in my mind because of a busy life.

Junsu, I’ll remember you, and the feathers that you scattered for the stage against all odds ^.^

– Choi, Jieun(interviewer) :

The interview with Xiah-Junsu was so delightful. He was serious for his music and musical play, of course. But on the topics like dance, soccer, car and JYJ members, he chattered with the mirth.

Lastly I asked him which team would be a winner of Euro 2012. At that time, he was in a fitting room to change his clothes because of a tight schedule. Suddenly he opened a curtain half, and grappled for a while. Then he replied to a question with some significant in his face. “Umm…… Spain!” After that, he smiled again like a boy who came up with a solution to the very troubling problem.

Junsu is a refreshingly candid and breezy, and I find very appealing on his own personality.

Picture Credit: K Star Magazine

Translated by With Junsu

[NEWS] Musical Actor Park Euntae, fan of TVXQ!

Musical Actor Park Euntae who captivated the audience through ‘Mozart’


Recently idols are getting the main castings in the musical market. Aiming for the marketing effect of the idol’s huge fan base. The pro musical actors are losing ground due to this and they feel a great sense of loss. How would Park-ssi think of this, who performed ‘Mozart!’ together with Kim Junsu(Xiah Junsu), a former member of TVXQ.

“This could sound funny, but I was actually a fan of TVXQ. It was amazing to see him up close. To be honest, people think of only Junsu-ssi when they hear ‘Mozart!’ but I don’t feel that upset. I think it is meaningless to compete with people who came over to the musical market after they have already became stars.”


Credit: dongA.com

Translated by With Junsu